Famous in My Father's Eyes

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Never Disregarded: Always in His Spotlight

I remember so many times while serving Him, I felt overlooked, and that my efforts somehow were not valued. One specific Sunday, I was wrestling with the thought of ‘not being enough’. At that moment, I was gazing up and unconsciously stared at one of the spotlights and immediately heard “ You are always on my spotlight”. The Holy Spirit made me realize that I was falling into the lies of the enemy and placing my value on people and not on God. It happens and it’s easy to cross that fine line. No matter how bad we are feeling, one thing that has to be clear as kingdom daughters is, He loves us passionately and with a fatherly zeal. We are more precious than rubies (Proverbs 3:15) Can you humanly think of anything more precious than that?

Do you recall feeling the same? What did God whisper?

Always Omnipresent

God’s presence follows us wherever we go. It’s ridiculous to think we can pause him and come back later (as we do with Netflix). He is always with us, even when we tend to forget it. He follows us closely, He hears our cry, and He never gets tired of it. He is Abba Father after all! Even when it feels like His presence has departed from us, and your brain and the enemy wants to trick you to believe that, He can’t go against his character and who He says He is--He is a faithful and loving Father no matter what.

Not too long ago, I experience “the absence of His presence”. It was quite awful, to be honest, but in that season was clear to me that if I wanted to grow spiritually, I had to rely on His character and not on my feelings.

Let me give you a little bit of background: I was on the verge of losing my visa, I needed to transfer to a new school, find a sponsor, and pay a fee I did not have. I just had a part-time job, and the job hunt didn’t seem to have any results. Through it all, God was in the mids of it and didn’t fail me. But looking back, I was afraid. I panicked, it seemed like I couldn’t hear him anymore, and at some point, I even thought I brought the situation upon me. If we are not rooted in the firm foundation, you can expect massive turbulence and doubting the promises of God.

His Truth Prevails

God will not deceive you, He will never hurt you. If we really want to grow, advance, and live the calling he had predestined for us, we.have.to.believe.Him. Without Faith is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6)

Wake up, daughter, shake off the lies and weight put on you by this world! You are called for something magnificent, never imagined or seen before, do you believe it? Because I do. With all my heart. I am undoubtedly convinced you are a powerhouse, crafted uniquely by our Father’s hands with the purpose to lift him up and give him Glory!

Stand up in faith and victory! The battle was won more than 2,000 years ago, and the enemy knows it! Remember whose you are, kingdom daughter. He already prepared your future (Psalm 139:5) Are you willing to take the step?

As Jesus whispered to me a couple of days ago, ‘This path is for the bold’, and you have EVERYTHING you need to succeed! So let’s go!

Relevant Points

  • You are always in God’s spotlight.

  • His presence is always with you. He can’t go against who He is.

  • His promises are Yes and Amen.

  • You are a kingdom woman, more precious than rubies. (Proverbs 3:15)

Prayer of The Week

Abba Father, I commit to you, to believing everything you say about me and the calling you set for my life. I ask you to come like a rushing wind and pour your presence and love over me. I reject any negative thought and choose to dwell in your promises. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen!